Money, Society, Bureaucracy and Civic Live – An Intellectual Debate

Perhaps one of the worst things to have is a government that is so big that it can give you everything you need, because once that happens it is also big enough to not need you and big enough to take everything you have – including your life. Many left-wing progressives believe that we need a government to take care of people – but that is kind of a slap in the face towards the concept of self-reliance – which indeed is part of Americana, part of the American Tradition. We are not a weak country, nor a weak culture, and yet, each year we seem to be adopting more of a victimhood mentality in our population.

There was an interesting TED Talk posted on October 7, 2013 titled; “Michael Sandel: Why we shouldn’t trust markets with our civic life,” where he suggests that often money, that unit of trade we’ve come to expect, is not the answer or proper solution to run our affairs in society. He suggests that market mechanisms, marketing thinking and market solutions sometimes fail us and goes onto give countless examples to make a very compelling case.

I’d invite Michael Sandel to please read “Bureaucracy” by Ludwig van Misses. It supports your view and is the theme of that work. It’s an older book, but I am certain you can find a copy online somewhere, he also adds other important points of contention both pro and con to assist you in diving into this topic deeper. You will hone your debate and intellectual prowess on this topic by reading it.

The argument that we need more government to intervene in our lives to protect us from ourselves is a fallacy – that’s what zoo animals have to go through, and I ask; do you want to live in a zoo? The TED Talk is not dissimilar from the apologetic political rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the left – and he certainly had lots of applause for his toeing of the party line – still, attempting to tear down our economy, our way of life to usher in a more progressive and benign form of neo-Communism isn’t my idea of a smart strategy.

Perhaps we should allow the technocrats to build a smaller version of their so-called perfect world and do so without our help, run a test study and pilot project for 20-years. If it works, let them scale it up, and eventually let them be their own country – if it works as well as they say (it won’t, but humor me here) then we can invite them to another TED Talk to tell us all about it.

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