Find Out How To Naturally Experience Whole Body Health and Wellness

In today’s western medical model, health and wellness is centered around diagnosing and chasing illness and disease. The idea is that you wait till you are ill and then you chase away the symptoms with a drug. Then hopefully the illness is diagnosed correctly and you are given the correct prescription and education to heal illness at its root cause.

Too often the healing completely part is missed and you are told you will be taking a drug to chase away the symptoms, also other drugs to stabilize and maintain the illness indefinitely (like the rest of your life). That’s basically a medical model know as the allopathic model for health and wellness.

This allopathic model works great for the profits of hospitals, drug companies and the insurance industry. Unfortunately the drugs most often have a ton of side effects that are sometimes worse than the illness they are supposedly treating.

If you follow the news or you are paying attention you know that this allopathic medical model does not work to well here in the U.S. Not only are people not experiencing health and wellness they are being priced right out of any chance to enjoy what I call whole body wellness. Without a health care system that is not about profits, there is incentive for maintaining illness rather than healing.

The absence of detectable illness and disease at any given time is not the same as experiencing whole body wellness.

What is meant by whole body wellness?

This means that your bodily systems are all functioning normally. A more scientific term is homeostasis. We are talking about normal body function. This is the way your whole body should be working if you were a normal human providing your body with exactly what your body needs to function.

This actually sounds pretty simple. But since the dawn of the industrial age and the industrialization of food, combined with a modern sedentary lifestyle, abnormal bodily function becomes the norm. When we aren’t providing our bodies with the nutritional tools and critically important exercise our systems begin to go haywire.

Probably the last society of humans to be anywhere close experiencing homeostasis was the caveman. That’s probably why the Paleo diet and the cross fit training exercise program is so popular today.

Let’s say you are eating only pure organic raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cooked fish and lean meats. You also work physically all day long to procure your diet with no modern tools or transportation. You are not exposed to industrial and environmental toxins and pollution. You’d most likely be in great physical shape and have a normally functioning body and immune system. Sure you might have lots of ways that you could be injured or killed from an accident or get eaten by a wild animal.Your caveman life span would probably be shorter. But while you are in your prime you would be a healthy normally functioning human.

In the modern world today it’s very hard to avoid industrialized foods and chemical toxins in the air, water and food. We are also exposed to all kinds of environmental toxins we can’t even see. The term toxic load refers to the level of the absorption of toxicity that we all have in varying degrees.

How do we create and maintain whole body wellness?

Nutrition, exercise, low stress and healthy lifestyle choices are the fundamentals of whole body wellness. Eating a natural organic whole food diet consisting mostly of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes and healthy oils. Little to no dairy or processed foods. Also some fish and lean meats (small amounts or no red meat).

In order to be sure you can fill the nutritional gaps that will occur in your diet and to get enough antioxidants to combat the toxic world we are exposed to, it is a good idea to also consume concentrated super food supplements.

One area of the world that is a primary source of the highest quality, highest nutrient dense organic super foods in the world is the Amazon Rainforest. When you combine these concentrated nutrient rich rainforest herbs into an easy to access form you are giving your body the extra support it needs to create and maintain whole body wellness.

There are formulations available as a liquid beverage and in capsules.

Whole body wellness is achievable even with all the challenges we need to overcome in our unhealthy world. It take a conscious, deliberate and consistent effort to give your body what it needs to function normally.

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