Avon’s Powerhouse Gym offering Directions 17 Wellness for the new year

AVON, Ohio – Fitness is so much more than working out and building muscle, according to Andrew Markov, facility manager of Powerhouse Gym in Avon.

“A fitness program can lead to so many other positive things,” said Markov, “like feeling more functional and getting to an overall positive realm. Good physical fitness comes with mental well-being too.”

Not only a strong, competitive weightlifter, Markov says he strives to be the most positive part of his customers’ day. “I want to become part of that person and their goals. I am here to be a shoulder to lean on,” he said.

Powerhouse Gym is what Markov calls a “boutique” gym. It is an independently owned franchise run by Markov and owner, Pete Sandrev since 2014.

A compact 5,000 square foot size, the facility is far from compact when it comes to options. There is a full, free-weight area with dumbbells up to 100 pounds. There is also equipment for Olympic lifters as well as a full suite of cardio and circuit options for what he calls “ever-fresh” workouts.

Markov has an exercise physiology degree from Kent State University and jumped right into the gym business after college.  He said he likes the boutique concept of Powerhouse Gym better than larger facilities.

“Being a smaller gym means people don’t have to wait and we are never overly crowded. We are very concerned with the individual,” he said.

As proof of the concern for the individual, Markov noted that if he hasn’t seen someone in a while he reaches out to them by email. “I also write a blog with tips too,” he said, “and I am always trying to light a fire under someone.”

Markov is especially proud of a new program being rolled out on January 23: Directions 17 Wellness Program. The six-week program provides for a little more accountability, Markov said. “It includes weekly weigh-ins, weekly circumference measurements and body fat screening. Progress is measured by points on a scale and there is a competitive aspect with one’s self or with the group.”

All members of the Directions 17 Wellness classes receive a customized guidance workout session and plan. There is one, weekly group fitness class that incorporates muscle building, flexibility and cardio–almost a definition of the very popular cross fit training. Markov said participants burn more calories after eight to 24 hours of rest after the training at Powerhouse Gym.

When asked what he will do when there are older members of the new class as well as younger people, Markov said, “A good instructor knows how to modify everything, from standing to sitting, moving from knees rather than toes and squats with a stability ball against a wall.”

Participants also get three nutrition and wellness support sessions and there will be regular evaluation of what is working. “We are educating the class to be successful,” he said. He noted the class members will also get an exclusive, weekly email with a motivational message, healthy recipes and a new, weekly exercise as well as a wellness tip.

“A workout program should be like a suit–tailored for you,” he said.

The Directions 17 Wellness program includes materials and a workout plan. Markov meets with each person individually in the beginning for initial weigh-in and planning. The cost is $100 for the six weeks.

Markov has been married for five years to his wife, Andrea. The couple has a three-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. True to his calling, Markov, who also plays bass guitar, said he get his kids outside frequently so that when they are older they will spend less time sitting in front of computers and video games.

Rates at the gym are a basic membership for $34.95 a month or the “all in” membership for $44.95. Both memberships allow for 24/7 access to the gym.

Powerhouse Gym is located at 35840 Chester Road in Avon.

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