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How Do Movies Affect Society?

If you are a certified fan of movies, it certainly had influenced you a lot in your decisions, thinking, mood, views, and etc. Movies are one of the best choices of recreation. There are currently thousands of movies produced by different film industries today. A romantic movie will give you romantic influence. It may give […]

Wellness for all: The fight for medical care wages on with Action Wellness leading the charge | News

Around this time last year, the non-profit organization Action Wellness, formerly known as ActionAIDS, underwent a rebrand. “Today, the reality is that people with AIDS can achieve wellness.” That was the message delivered by Kevin Burns, the organization’s executive director. “We didn’t want this rebranding and renaming process to make people with HIV feel that […]

The Problem Is ‘Wellness,’ Not Gwyneth Paltrow, Part II – The Forward

Getty Images Upward-gazing Gwyneth Paltrow So Gwyneth Paltrow hosted a silly-sounding, outrageously-priced, somewhat disorganized-sounding health event. So what?, you might ask. The stakes are the highly profitable wellness industry, of which this event was a high-profile part. Most obviously, where there is “wellness,” all too often, there is pseudoscience. In the New York Post, Maureen […]

‘A Cure For Wellness’ Composer Benjamin Wallfisch on Hans Zimmer’s Advice and Embracing Technology

Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Benjamin Wallfisch is recognized as one of the leading film composers of his generation, with a career spanning over a decade and 60 feature films. He has composed music for such legendary film makers as Steven Spielberg, Rupert Wyatt, Gore Verbinksi and Lars von Trier, and has worked on scores that have […]

Wellness Takes To The Water

As the travel industry heads full steam into embracing the wellness sector, catering to demand and looking to attract the growing legions of wellness-minded travelers, its giving new meaning to the word “hydrotherapy.”  The lakefront Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas, for example, launched a new water-focused program, called the Ripple Effect, on Memorial Day […]

Yodlee Unveils Personal Financial Wellness Solution Powered by Data Intelligence

OK to Spend Core to the Personal Financial Wellness Solution is OK to Spend, which synergizes predictive analytics and user feedback to deliver smart financial forecasting. OK to Spend can be consumed as a financial application or a fully RESTful API framework that enables financial service providers to create forward-looking forecasts that organize and predict […]

Understanding the Mental Health and Mental Illness

Mental illnesses have long been a major cause of death and disability. From 30 to 60 per cent of all patients who consult doctors do so primarily for complaints due to emotional disorders. Many productive persons continuously maintain a chronically neurotic adjustment to life. And most individuals have minor emotional disturbances often not recognized but […]